Client Matter Inception

With our specialised Client Matter Inception (CMI) process, you can implement an easy to use yet detailed client matter inception process. Once implemented, you will find that opening files is efficient, quick and very flexible. Built on Microsoft Workflow Foundation platform technology, it becomes fast to implement. With its highly collaborative messaging engine information is shared between people rapidly, speeding up conflicts of interest checks and any other escalation or query. All of this leads to drmatically reduce the time taken to open the file.

Focus on opening files quickly and safely, our experts will work with you to make sure that all the stages are covered and paticular attention would be placed on the following stages:

  • Suitability Assessment
  • Financial Assessment
  • Conflict of interest check
  • Risk Assessment
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Client Inception
  • Matter Inception

Integration with your existing office systems means that you have the choice of picking the best systems out of your current set up, and plugging the remaining holes with our versatile platform.

An example diagram of our CMI process is as follows: