Digital Dictation

digital dictationWorking closeley with Winscribe Digital Dictation, we are able to provide you with a feature rich, flexible and easy to use enterprise Digital Dictation system. Our experts are able to help you identify bottlenecks and implement the system in such a way that maximises your efficiency and productivity.


Custom scripting can be a good way to improve your existing workflow in your Winscribe Digital Dictation system  very quickly and easily. All scripting work is carried out with close interaction with the client and will be fully documented and supported following implementation. Custom scripting can enhance your existing system dramatically, some examples of new features through scripting are as follows:

  • Email completed documents automatically to the Fee Earner
  • Publish documents into Document Management systems
  • Add case information to dictation jobs
  • Time recording
  • Re-route jobs based on information in the dictation job


When it comes to implementing your Digital Dictation system, we are able to analyse, install, configure and train your staff in a very short time. We take pride in making sure you get the most out of your Digital Dictation system.

All work is carried out on site by our trained professionals and completed to a strict project schedule.

Pilot Methodology

Legal Software Solutions have a full pilot plan for specific specialised pilots such as Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation.

Make sure you have the right solution tailored to your specifications with minimal cost.

We will work with you closely to make sure that a suitable set of success criteria is agreed and worked towards for the duration of the pilot.

Once you have completed the low cost pilot you will have all the information you need to make a decision which path to go down and how best to have your new system implemented.