Legal Complaints Software | Complaints Handling

Addressing legal complaints is an important part of any Law Firm. This can usually be time consuming and rely on many manual tasks, such as emails being sent, phone calls between Fee Earners and Partners and the generation of Client letters to address particular aspects of the clients complaint.

With our Legal Complaints software, each complaint will:

  • Be handled seamlessly
  • Have all the client and internal correspondence generated and sent out automatically
  • Allow you to never miss a deadline with the automatic escalation functionality
  • Log all complaint information for viewing in either the Register or Checklist

Once a complaint has been logged, the clock starts ticking, client acknowledgements are sent, complaints officers are notified and the complaint is handled in a step by step fashion based on the customer preferences and nature of the complaint.

You can set your specific intervals according to your firm’s complaints policy, here is a graphic example of how we handle a client complaint:

legal complaints