Legal Complaints Software | Complaints Checklist

Our legal complaints software solution is comprised of a  Complaints Management,  Complaints Checklist and Complaints Register module.

Every client complaint needs to be dealt with efficiently and with due care and attention. We provide an automated checklist for every legal complaint that is made.

This list of events and milestones, pertaining to the specific complaint, can be viewed at any time can only be viewed by authorised staff.

Based on the Lexcel methodology, it can be tailored quickly and easily to any firms specific requirements (for firms without Lexcel) and would look similar to this:

Date completed Next action date
Start new internal complaint form
Acknowledge complaint within 5 days
Advise client who is dealing with their complaint
Give client a timeframe for a response
Client’s communication preferences received
Provide internal complaints procedure and information on Legal Ombudsman
Identify and clarify all complaints raised
Consider from client’s point of view
Advise fee earner
Respond in 21 days
Explain steps taken to investigate
Demonstrate client’s concerns have been considered
Explain reasons for views held in respect of each complaint
Apologise/offer remedy where appropriate
Remind of option to go to Legal Ombudsman and provide its contact details and time limits for complaints acceptance


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