Winscribe BPM – Workflow

Winscribe BPM (Business Process Management) is a multi level workflow platform that allows you to create and implement legal workflows quickly and efficiently. It is based on the Microsoft Workflow Foundation technology and has had the following enhancements added to it.

  • A client interface to be able to run and manage running workflows
  • A smart designer tool to allow you to be able to create workflows in a code free environment
  • Added security for the roles that are permitted to use certain parts of the workflow
  • Standard Microsoft components as well as custom built tasks and activities

With the Winscribe BPM tool you can implement and manage feature rich applications across the board in a very short time.

You can make changes to the applications quickly and easily and push out the changes seamlessly within your organisation.

If you decide to change back office system at any stage, you are able to very quickly replace its function using Winscribe BPM and continue finding improvements and efficiency in other areas.

We have a large library of pre-built applications that are ready to use. In some cases, there will be a little customisation around the finer points of your deployment, some of these apps are:

  • Complaints Handling
  • File Review
  • Conflicts Checking
  • Leave Request
  • Expense Claims
  • Client Inception
  • Matter Inception
  • Cheque Request
  • Document Production
  • Reporting Workflows
  • Management Workflows


Contact us to set up a pilot or enquire about these processes in more detail