Workflow Refresh – Digital Dictation

A workflow refresh day can be a very useful tool to identify and address inefficiencies within your firms current Digital Dictation set up.

If you have any driving business issues or initiatives to implement, such as:

  • Reduce document creation turnaround times
  • Reduce document production costs
  • Increase Fee Earning capacity with the existing document production resource
  • Restructure after a merger
  • Getting the most out of your system after an upgrade

A workflow refresh can assist greatly with the firms change management phase to facilitate a smooth transition to a more efficient and profitable operation.

We will assist you by working with you to analyse your current configuration, understand and document your desired outcome, and suggest ways of customising your Digital Dictation implementation to meet your goals.

Take advantage of our experts in the field who will visit you on-site and analyse your existing practices with a view to suggest improvements in configuration of systems or improved working practices.